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CODA – Oslo International Dance Festival 2017

CODA – Oslo International Dance Festival 2017 


OSLO/NORWAY: CODA – Oslo International Dance Festival has been a tradition, since it all started with Merce Cunningham in Oslo Concert House in 2003. With this summery news letter it is CODA´s pleasure to present the performances at Bærum Kulturhus, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Riksscenen – the Norwegian Hub for Traditional Music and Dance, Black Box Theatre and Rom for Dans.Save the date for CODA kick-off Saturday September 2nd at 19.00 where they will announce the full festival program at Kulturhuset in Oslo. There you can also meet Stine Nilsen, the new Artistic Director of CODA, who is following in the footsteps of Lise Nordal who together with .. founded the Festival, and who has been the Artistic and lately to the General manager until now. !
Photo: Pablo Guidali

Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt (IBP): World premiere Notes on Frailty Bærum Kulturhus Main stage
THUR 19/10
& FRI 20/10 19.30IBP: Performance and exhibition
Bærum Kulturhus foyer
THUR 19/10 & FRI 20/10 18.45
Ingun Bjørnsgaard, a nestor within Norwegian contemporary dance marks her 25-year anniversary during the CODA festival.  In close collaboration with four noted dancers and to a new music composition by Christian Wallumrød, Ingun Bjørnsgaard investigates the complexity of femininity as a theme.
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To mark the jubilee we present a Norwegian Day of Dance History 20. October in collaboration with Danseinformasjonen
. The day will give an insight into the development of the Norwegian dance scene from the 60’s until present time through presentations, critics salon and performances casting a glanze at the now and the past.
Read more:  Norwegian Day of Dance HistoryThe presentation is already fully booked but there are more seats at the critics salon at 17.00, followed by Performance and exhibition with excerpts from earlier works (20/10 18.45).
Photo: Loizenbauer

Shiny, shiny… Imploding Portraits Inevitable / Liquid Loft – Chris Haring (AT)Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
SUN 22/10 15.00We are welcoming back Liquid Loft / Chris Haring to the CODA festival – this time at Høvikodden with the multi media performance Shiny, Shiny. Taking Andy Walhols famous Screen Test s from the 60’s as a starting point, the ghosts from The Factory awakens again in Shiny Shiny…
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Photo: Gregory Batardon, Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard

Triple bill: JINX 103 / Døgeniktenes debatt / Creature József Trefeli (HR), Gábor Varga (HR) & Gyula Cserepes (HR) / Vetle Springgard (NO) & Ådne R. Geicke Kolbjørnshus (NO)Riksscenen – The Norwegian Hub for Traditional Music and Dance
FRI 27/10 20.00Triple bill is a full evening of works where folk dance resurrect in three highly contemporary works. The three Hungarian dance artists József Trefeli, Gábor Varga and Gyula Cserepes de-construct and re-invent the traditional dance in the works JINK 103and Creature, whilst the Norwegian dance artists Ådne Kolbjørnshus and Vetle Springgard tells their highly personal stories filed with humour and precision regarding what a døgenikt (a good for nothing person) really is….
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Photo: Iselin Jansen

Survival / Belinda Braza (NO)Riksscenen – The Norwegian Hub for Traditional Music and Dance
WED 25/10 & THUR 26/10 21.30

Hip-hop is a mish mash of all the world’s folk taditions and is a contemporary barometer of today’s society

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. It is perhaps the only culture which is totally colour blind and free of religion. -Belinda Braza

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Photo: Bob Lima

Guintche/Marlene Monteiro Freitas (PT)Black Box Teater
SUN 22/10 20.00This is a first time visit to Norway for this unconventional and highly original Portuguese choreographer and dancer – this is definitely worth the wait! In the solo Guintche, meaning a bird or prostitute in Kriol, Freitas re-creates this dual figure in a rebellious, surreal and theatrical solo danced by herself.
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