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ELTON JOHN in Norway

Elton John, touring in Scandinavia

. photo: Live Nation homepage

ELTON JOHN concerting in Oslo and Stavanger in Norway.

by Tomas Bagackas

OSLO/NORWAY: One of the music worlds hot stars Elton John is guesting Scandinavia right now

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. tonight (FRiday) he is at Scandinavium in Gothenburg, Sweden, and during the week-end in Oslo,  Oslo Spektrum 15. and in Stavanger Sunday evening 16th November.

It is a tour called the

Yellow Brick Road Tour

Elton John at Oslo Spectrum Saturday and in Stavanger Sunday.

It is interesting that Elton John is visiting Oslo right now, when his musical John Elliot is having success nearly across the street from Oslo Spektrum in Folketeatret with Kevin Haugan in the titelrole
. Hope that Elton John will gett a few minutes to enter Folketeatret and to meet Kevin Haugan and the outstanding cast headed by Hilde Lyran and Nils Ole Oftebro

Please enjoy our review from Billy Elliot:



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