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GALLIERA, Fashion museum – Paris

Galliera, Paris famouse fashion museum has opened again presenting an exposition 1947-57, with a large number of outfits from some of the really big and still world famouse names in the fashion trade – all the exposed pieces are in the haute couture line. Exposed until November 2. 2014.

Evening outfits. 50 Annees 50, Musée Galliera, Paris, until November 2. 2014. scenografi Foto -® Pierre Antoine


By Henning Høholt, Photos Pierre Antoine.

PARIS/FRANCE:  Honestly, as Paris still are keeping the titel as the capital of fashion, still that both London, New York, Milano trying their best to get the titel, but dont manage, as the fashion business on the toplevel was “born” in Paris, by the most famouse names, Worth, Poiret, Ciapparelli, later followed close up by Dior, Balmain, Ricci, Gres, names who still are shining, thank to that rich holding firms has taken over, and managed to include talentez designer with good variations in to their staffs.

This actual exhibition ” Les Années 50″ is designed by Julie Boidin.

Musée Galliera. Paris Fashion Museum, Foto Henning Høholt 2014

The Musée Galliera, formally known as the Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris (City of Paris Fashion Museum), is a museum of fashion and fashion history located at 10, avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, France. It is open daily except Mondays and public holidays; an admission fee is charged and varies depending on the exhibition programmed. The museum has no permanent displays due to conservation issues. The museum opened its doors again 28 September 2013 after being closed for major renovation.

Galliera Museum is one of the 14 City of Paris´museums that have been incorporated since 1 January 2013 in the public institution Paris Musées.

Les Années 50
La mode en France, 1947-1957
12 juillet – 2 novembre 2014
Palais Galliera, musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris. Foto Pierre Antoine.

However. To my opinion Galliera has been closed for too long a periode, and has only managed to survive because of the museums good cooperation with first of all Musee des Arts Decoratif at Louvre, where so many brilliant expositions has been showed, and also the cooperation with the Docks, which unfortunately is not centraly located comparing to other expositions, – to my opinion.

In the expotion way Les Arts Decoratif is the outstanding one, also now when Galliera has reopened. As the way of exposing is flattering in an other way at Arts Decoratif, than at Galliera, where they could have got much more out of the presentation, as the model they show are brilliant, and well exposed, but not really flattering presented.

The collection presented is a women collection, split up in some parts. Daily dresses, cocktail, evening wear, summer and outwear, and in addition to the beautiful classical outfits, there are a few pieces from the group, that i mention as strange ideas – curiosities.

The daily wear was nice, and historic interesting as many of the famouse style ideas of the participating designers are presented. For me the best part was the large presentation of beautiful evening outfits, where very many deliciouse ideas were presented, and a lot of demanding pieces with timetaling embroideries, which to day in France not will be possible to pay for making, as much too much time would be used, still that also handembroidery has got more modern helping equipement. Therefore it is great to get this extraordinary possibility to can see these outfits so close up.
A small part of hats, shoes, and otjer details is following the exposition.

Musée Galliera, The 50´ in haute couture. Until 2. November 2014. Foto Pierre Antoine.

A large catalogue is also present.

The beautiful house where the Galliera museum is situated is placed in a deliciouse small parc, with extraordinary good flower arrangements around a fountain, just acros the street from Palace de Tokyo.

In fact I was missing a small cafe, which could have been placed on the wing, by departing the museum. Still there were some books, postcards. and a few more objects for sale. I hope the museum will find place, in the limited space, to a good fashion souvenir/bookshop.

Pierre Balmain, 1954. “Orlon” satin. A beautiful embroidery handwork, with silk and metal thread and cellophane, applied silk chiffon flowers. Thousand of hours work. Foto Pierre Antoine.

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