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Gisela Stille outstanding as Lulu in Oslo

Gisela Stille as LULU. Foto: Erik Berg

Gisela Stille as LULU

. Foto: Erik Berg

The Swedish star soprano, Gisela Stille, connected to The Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen, is outstanding in the titelrole as Lulu in Alban Bergs opera Lulu, in a great coproduction with the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, fresh staged by Stefan Herheim.

Lulu: Gisela Stille; Dr 

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. Schöšn: Terje Stensvold; Alwa: Gary Lehman, Foto Erik Berg” width=”300″ height=”199″ />

Lulu: Gisela Stille; Dr
. Schöšn: Terje Stensvold; Alwa: Gary Lehman, Foto Erik Berg

Who fully manage to make this difficult and complicated opera alive, using all the details in the history, without flipping over,  forming it as an interesting history, elegant telling us the black sides of the life of Lulu, which is keeping the audience sitting on the tip of their seats, as if thet were reading one of Agatha Christies criminal novelles.

To let it lok like we are in a circus, and using a copy of the old stage at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen as an object is brilliant. – Circus Herheim!

Stefan Herheim has once again managed to bring to his audience an opera, where he, with his talented ideas of renewing a performance is bringing us something extraordinary, and bringing ot life a n opera, Lulu, which is difficult for a lot of audience ot access. He is joined by his scenographer Heike Scheele and Gesine Völln is responsible for the costumes. as before Alexander Meier-Dörzenbach is dramaturg, and for the light Stefan Herheim and Anders PollHeidi Bruun Nedregaard and Annette Weber has been assistent Stefan Herheim with the regi. .

Ketil Hugaas, Camilla Kjøll and Magne Fremmerlid (front), foto: Erik Berg

Ketil Hugaas, Camilla Kjøll and Magne Fremmerlid (front), foto: Erik Berg

A brilliant cast, with Hege Høisæter as Countess Geschwitz, Gary Lehman as Alwa, Terje Stensvold as Dr. Schön/Jack the Ripper, Nils Harald Sødal outstanding as The Painter/the Negro, Ketil Hugaas as Schgolch, Magne Fremmerlid as The Theaterdirector/ Atlet. Carsten Stabell is the professor who dies early in the first scene, but as others, are waked up again, maked up as dead clown, and continuing his life in another role. Svein Erik Sagbråten is performing three different roles, Prince, Chamberwaiter and the Marki, in Lulu he is doing his very best roles, where he can use all his different comic talents and his good character tenor voice.  Angelica Voje is a young waiter. The 15 years girl and her mother is Caroline Bodstad Wettergren and Tone Kruse
.   They are all performing the difficult vocal part together with the Opera Orchestra, good conducted by John Helmer Fiore.

A special group of statists are making the whole opera lively playing a lot of roles as The holy Ghost, Jesus and an ensemble of dead clowns outstanding, Øyvind Solberg, Bastian Stabell, Torstein Husum, Rune Naglestad, Steinar Zahl, Fredrik Staum Floen, Christopher Jørgensen and Andreas Ihlang Berg.

LULU 2011Some time joined by some of the soloists, who has died, and before playing their next roles in Lulu is appearing as dead clowns, Terje Stensvold and Carsten Stabell.

Camilla Kjøll, violin and Zelina sannum, piano, soloists in the performance Lulu Foto Erik Berg .jpg

Camilla Kjøll, violin and Zelina sannum, piano, soloists in the performance Lulu Foto Erik Berg .jpg

Three good music soloists, participated on stage with good soloparts. The violinist Camilla Kjøll, outstanding. Zelina Sannum, piano, and Grzegorz Jozef Miszczyszyn, accordeon.

LULU 2011Øystein Bjorå is concertmaster in this production.

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