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Good Morning mr. Gershwin at Theatre National de Chaillot, Paris

José Montalvo and Dominique Hervieu

Lalala Gershwin

Good Morning, Mr. Gershwin. at Theatre National de Chaillot 2-19 May 2012, foto: Laurent Paillier

José Montalvo and Dominique Hervieu continued to pay tribute to George Gershwin young audience with this version of Good Morning, Mr. Gershwin : an ideal of music that sticks to their dance imagery.

Having set the scene first Porgy and Bess, opera flagship George Gershwin, and then plunging in the wake deep in the world of the composer with a highly acclaimed choreographic fantasy, Good Morning, Mr
. Gershwin
 , Montalvo and Dominique Hervieu have come full circle with Lalala Gershwin , created at Chaillot last season, third show around the work and the character of Gershwin. 

Aimed at young audiences, they offer a journey into a multiracial American history both painful and hopeful, with seven dancers on the set.

LaLaLa Gershwin. Photo: Laurent Philippe

Since their inception in the 1980s, José Montalvo and Dominique Hervieu have been constantly going out to the spectators earliest whatsoever with Hollaka Hollala , A paradise of cassava (version youngsters from Paradise ), and The Raven The Fox and The Bossa Fataka Rameau (version for young audiences is dan ∫ e ).For Lalala Gershwin , between projected images and gestures explosion, the Broadway of the 1930s that resonates: are convened some of the finest songs of Mr

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. G., a composer of mixed influences, from jazz, ragtime and music European art.José Montalvo and Dominique Hervieu articulate speech historical and aesthetic, political and poetic wandering in from Broadway to Hollywood … The Band!

Photo: Laurent Philippe

By • Philippe Noisette

In the Australian Stage, Anna Locke wrote on saturday, February 27th. 2010

“Stunning is the first word that comes to mind when describing Good Morning Mr Gershwin. From French company Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu comes a contemporary dance piece that entertains, excites and exhilarates. The company have brought their modern dance moves and mixed it with the great music of George Gershwin.  Their wide and varied styles manage to fit effortlessly with Gershwin’s music, which for the most part remains unchanged. ”

Created at Chaillot in 2009


Choreographer Dominique Hervieu and Jose Montalvo
Set and video design Montalvo
Costumes Dominique Hervieu assisted Siegrid Breakfast Imbert
Music George Gershwin
Sound Design Catherine Lagarde
Clarinet Solo Renaud Pion
Light Vincent Paoli
Contributing video Minet Pascal, Etienne Aussel
Graphics Chastanier Franck Sylvain Decay , Amel El Kamel, Clio Gavagni, Jaen Michael Montalvo, Valerie Toumayan, Basil Maffone
assistants to the choreographer Roberto Pani, Joëlle Iffrig
Wizard decorated Antoine Sicre
With the technical team of the National Theatre of Chaillot

Decoration produced by the Theatre Workshop (Alain Malandain, Gael Bovio, Jules Remi)

Sylvie Mitault paint decoration, Maryse St-Maur

Costumes designed by the department of theater clothing

Created with and performed by seven interpreters, alternate: 
Team 1: Severine Bidaud, Franz Cadiche, Jeremiah Champagne, Clarisse Doukpe, Ernest Bile N’Draman, Plock , Karla Pollux

Team 2: Richard Anegbele, Jeremiah Champagne, Diame Ibrahim said Ibougaloo, Rotha,Karla Pollux

Production Theatre National de Chaillot

Courtesy of the National Opera of Lyon for the use of production elements Porgy and Bess – Lyon 2008


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