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Homage a Jerome Robbins revisited.

Emilie Cozette - Karl Paquette, foto: Sebastian Mathe

Emilie Cozette - Karl Paquette, foto: Sebastian Mathe

It was a pleasure to enjoy many new dancers in  leading roles in Homage a Jerome Robbins at Plalais Garnier at the performance May 4th 2010.


In En Sol The solo couple was Emilie Cozette and Josua Hoffalt, a beautiful couple, who brilliantly performed their long pas de deux in the middle part of the Maurice Ravel Pianoconcerto which is used as music for this chorographic work

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. In addition I enjoyed the playfull cooperation together with the same 12 dancers as on the premiere evening, in the first and last part. It looks like they enjoy this little game, with a lot of good step and movement combinations.

In The Night became highlighted with the new Star at the Ballet National de Paris Karl Paquette together with Emilie Cozette, In addition Claire Marie Osta and Benamin Pech in the first pas de deux and Aurélie Dupont and Nicolas le Riche in the last pas de deux.  All the five first mentioned was not the same as on the premiere evening
. Nicolas Le Riche was again a safe dancer, this evening together with Aurélie Dupont

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. This gives the performance a lift, as even when the choreography is the same, there are personal details being changed, in this is it, for me, a pleasure to enjoy their good combinations to the Nocturnes by Chopin.

In the funny Concert, I enjoyed seven new names, only Alessio Carbone as the husband was the same as on he opening evening. The corps des ballet was the same.

Once more a good dance evening at Palais Garnier. 

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