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Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company – Theatre de Paris

For its first time in Paris, the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, directed by Rami Be’er, will be
hosted by the Theatre de Paris for 6 unique performances from June 13 th to 17 th . As a matter of fact,
it is also going to be the first time that the Theatre de Paris, usually dedicated to plays, will host a
dance company. For this occasion, the company will present Rami Be’er’s choreography Mother’s


The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company was founded in 1973 in the North of Israël by the late
Yehudit Arnon, who trained Rami Be’er before he became in 1996 the company’s Artistic Director.


The company makes quickly a name out of itself and becomes famous for its creativity, its technicity
and unique identity.

What the KCDC offers to the dancers is more than an ordinary company, but a community

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. At the
origins, all the dancers came from the Kibbutz, but now they come from all around the world to join
the company and live in the community. The KCDC is now invited on the most famous stages in the
world and was invited lately by Thierry Malandain in Biarritz for the festival “Le Temps d’Aimer la

With Mother’s Milk, Rami Be’er pays tribute to his late parents and through them to all the victims
and survivors of the Holocaust
. Trained to several artistic domains, music is at the heart of the
creation process. It results in a very intense piece, abstract and universal for every person in the
audience to be able to connect with its own story, but very personal at the same time.

The Parisian audience will have the pleasure and the chance to assist to a very ambitious project that
will highlight a company which is going to be part of the major ballet company in the world in the






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