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KULTURKOMPASSET increasing readership!

KULTURKOMPASSET increases the number of readers.

Henning Høholt is the founder (2002) and editor of Kulturkompasset (Culture Compass). Høholt is photographed in front of the new operahouse in Oslo, Norway. Foto: Tomas Bagackas (19.June 2014)

OSLO/NORWAY: In September 402963 pages visited by 62539 readers

KULTURKOMPASSET: www.kulturkompasset.com who writes about cultur in many fields, including opera, ballet, contemporary dance, classical music, musical, theatre, festivals, design, arts, books from all of Europe had in September 402963 pages visited by 62539 visitors. Largest visit month this year, was in March where 318079 pages were visited by 71631 visitors.

“Thank you to all our readers from all over the world, who are returning to our culture newspaper on the net, days after days after days

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. We promise to keep up the high and seriouse standard” says Henning Høholt, Editor. Kulturkompasset. Oslo – Paris – Vilnius.


To control the number of readers using Kulturkompasset (cultural compass) we are pleased to use Google Usage statistics, which works perfect for us. 


At the front page right now:

www.kulturkompasset.com Front page 03.10.2014 at 12.03 O´clock.



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