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Lang Lang Dance project – fabolouse.

Lang Lang Dance Project – Sons de l’âme – Sounds of the Soul –

By Henning Høholt

Applaus for Lang Lang and Houston Ballet. Foto: Henning Høholt

PARIS: One of the extraordinary productions in the dance world in this season, this combination of a piano recital with a combination with 16 brilliant dancers from the choreographer Stanton Welsh´s balletcompany Houston Ballet together with Lang Lang at the grand piano with a brilliant Chopin program.

The dancers were outstanding brilliantly, virtuose and some times fabolouse, Stanton Welsh had coosen wellin his company and let some of his soloists do deliciouse solo, pas de deux and smaller groups. Opening the first number with all the dancers on stage, backing sowly out during the opening part of the Ballade no 1 ina-minor, but then letting the soloist Derek Dunn doing an  outstanding solopart. The same happend in the opening of the second part where Joseph Walsh was brilliant in this sentimental waltz, – Joseph Walshhas a beautiful expression, perfect details in his movements and he is a fine dancer and capable off al the requisite technical details.

Two dancers from Houston ballet rehearsing on Lang Lang Dance prosject, Choreography Stanton Welsh. Photo: Amitava Sarkar

Houston Ballet marks it self internationally at this occassion, and do it very well
. I would like to see this company again soon

Musically. Lang Lang is an excellent pianist, he playes with all the feeling needed for such a demanding program, and he is pushing the dancers tempi in brilliant fast movements, and honestly, they are prepared, and they catch it in a great way.

 In this way the world famouse chinese pianist Lang Lang is “renewing him self”, this time with a cooperation – a world premiere with 16 dancers from the Houston ballet, with a choreography by Stanton Welch, with lightning by Lisa J. Pinkham. It had its world premiere Theatre des Champs Elysées in Paris  31. October 2013
. Last performance is tonight, Monday 4.11  at 20.00.

The Theatre´ long ballethistory started with Sergei Dhiaghilev and his Ballets Russes, led by Vaslav Nijinski and Michael Fokine, to music by Igor Stravinskij, and a long line of the ost famouse french impressionistic composers

Lang Lang is in his ballet idea presenting music by Fréderic Chopin 12 wellknown piano pieces

Lang Lang piano
Stanton Welch chorégraphie
Lisa J. Pinkham lumières
Houston Ballet – 16 Dancers

World Creation

Frederic Chopin:
Ballade n° 1 op. 23 en sol mineur
Etude n° 7 op. 25 en do dièse mineur
Ballade n° 2 op. 38 en fa
Ballade n° 4 op. 52 en fa mineur
Valse n° 1 op. 18 en mi bémol « Grande valse brillante »
Nocturne op. 15 n° 1 en fa majeur


Valse n° 19 op. posth. en la mineur.
Andante spianato op. 22
. In this andante Lauren Strongin and Connorr Walsh were the ideal soloists.
Etude n° 3 opus 10 « Tristesse » en mi
Nocturne n° 2 op. 55 en mi bémol majeur
Grande Polonaise op. 22, Soloists in this famouse Polonais was Katharine Precourt, Allison Miller and Karina Gonzalez, ending up with all dancers on stage, and then backing out like in the opening number. Continuing to the last moment.

Last second of Grande Polonaise op. 22, Foto: Henning Høholt

Nocturne op. posth. en do dièse mineur
Production Théâtre des Champs-Elysées
TARIFS 15 à 95 €

If you shall see this kind of extraordinary classical/contemporary dance in Paris, together with Lang Lang and Chopin, the last Paris performance tonight

Monday 4 novembre 20 heures, 

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