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MOULIN ROUGE on top in Paris

MOULIN ROUGE on top in Paris

By Henning Høholt

Moulin Rouge - Facade in the night. Foto Sandra Bertrand

Moulin Rouge – Facade in the night
. Foto Sandra Bertrand

PARIS/FRANCE: High quality is importent, when I am around in Europe as critic, and to enjoy performances of all kind in the entertainment – amusement business.

And I am privilliged to say that the quality is very high around in many places.

However, one place that I am allways enjoying to come back to year after year, when I have an evening free, is the famouse show FÉERIE at MOULIN ROUGE at Montmartre in Paris.

Still that this show has been running since it was created in 19 it is still updated new, fresh, brilliant, amusing, the extra, that I expect to see, the two hours are running fast.


Martine Østensen Skalleberg.

Strange, but also in this very international place, also Norway is represented, and in fact has been it for decades.

Right now the young dancer from the famouse Norwegian Skalleberg ballet family Martine Østensen Skallebergis the visuality of Norwegian female beauty on stage, and some days also in the water, as she is one of the female dancers who are swimming together with the large Pyton snakes, in the pool, which every evening are being lifted up from under the stage to being enjoyed by the audience in the oriental part of the show.

Martine Østensen Skalleberg og Lene Skalleberg på Montmartre. Foto Henning Høholt 2015

Martine Østensen Skalleberg og Lene Skalleberg på Montmartre
. Foto Henning Høholt 2015

We asked Martine: Is this what you do in the show, that day? “No, I am also participating in many of the other numbers the same evening”. – And she seemes very relaed about swimming and playing with the Pyton snakes in the water.

Lene, Martine og Madeleine Skalleberg in front of Moulin Rouge, at Montmartre i Paris. Foto Henning Høholt

Lene, Martine og Madeleine Skalleberg in front of Moulin Rouge, at Montmartre i Paris. Foto Henning Høholt

Her mother Lene Skalleberg, former balletdancer at the Norwegian National Ballet through decades, tells that: “I was a bit scared, when I saw Martine with the snakes first time, but she is a tuff girl, and she manage very well.” 

At our meeting with Martine and Lene also Madeleine Skalleberg was participating, she is too in the dancing business as pedagogue at Bårdar Musical Academy in Oslo, Norway

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Another norwegian at Moulin Rouge is the choreographer in residence Erik Sørensen, from Drammen. He was former for many years a leading dancer in the company.




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