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MY FAIR LADY in Paris – at Chatelet

my-fair-lady-posterMy Fair Lady, the first musical directory of the Mariinsky of St Petersburg Jean-Luc Choplin and Valery Gergiev decided to co-produce this new production of My Fair Lady that will be the first musical to make its debut the repertoire of the Mariinsky Theatre Saint Petersburg. The show will have its climax during St. Petersburg White Nights, where it will be presented from June 22, 2011 under the direction of Valery Gergiev. Regi: Robert Carsen.

Musical en 2 actes, musique: Frederick Loewe, livret et lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner
After Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw and the film by Gabriel Pascal, which was created 15 mars 1956 at the Hellinger Theater in New York
. Version Original in English language.
New production at Théâtre du Châtelet in coproduction with Théâter Mariinski in Saint-Pétersbourg.
Premiere Thursday 9 December, followed by performances until 2 january 2011.
Conductor: Kevin Farrell
. Regi: Robert Carsen
. Dramaturgie: Ian Burton. Chorégraphy: Lynne Page. Scenography: Tim Hatley. Costumes: Anthony Powell. Light: Adam Silverman.
In ther roles: Eliza Doolittle: Sarah Gabriel / Christine Arand.
Henry Higgins: Alex Jennings.
mrs. Higgins: Margaret Tyzack.
Colonel Pickering: Nicholas Le Prevost.
Alfred P. Doolittle: Donald Maxwell.
mrs. Pearce: Jenny Galloway.
Freddy Eynsford-Hill: Ed Lyon / Pascal Charbonneau
Orchestre Pasdeloup. Chœur du Châtelet, Chef de chœur: Stephen Betteridge. Chef de chant: Stéphane Petitjean.
The History:

Henry Higgins, professor of phonetics and misanthropic, bet with Colonel Pickering that he can raise the young
flower girl Eliza Doolittle for a lady just by erasing her very strong Cockney accent, sign of its low social extraction.
And after six months hard work during which Higgins and Eliza lives with upsets his life as a bachelor, he manages
finally to correct her accent.

He makes a first test by mixing the distinguished public at the Ascot horse racing : The focus is excellent, but slang expressions are alwaysthere! A few weeks later, Higgins is a total triumph when Eliza takes for a princess emphasis spotless can only be that of a stranger. Once it has won his bet, Higgins treats Eliza as an object that no longer matters

Spite, she decides to marry the young Freddy, which has falled in love with her after her appearance at Ascot

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Left alone, the old teacher realizes that he has developed feelings for Eliza which … returns home in extremis.

The play is based on Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, from 1913, being popular through the musical by Lerner and Loewe from 1956, and the Cukor film which in 1964 won 8 Oscars in 1964.

Robert Carson, regi for My Fair Lady at Theatre du Chatelet

Robert Carson, regi for My Fair Lady at Theatre du Chatelet

The work on language is fundamental and it is essential. Pygmalion is a play on the English language, on the confrontating ways of speaking at any given time, hence the importance of respecting the word.

The actors must be high quality to address both parties spoken and sung, to embody characters more complex than they appears,  explains Robert Carsen and he continues: “I am very pleased with the distribution. We collected the best
theater performers and singers lyrical current Great Britain: Alex Jennings among others, Sarah Gabriel Nicholas le Prevost, Margaret Tyzack, Donald Maxwell, Jenny Galloway and Ed London” .

“And the end? a possible romance between Eliza and Higgins? The end requires special treatment. In our production it will perhaps be a little different from what that it is customary to show. must imagine that Shaw, who was hostile
the idea of a romance between Higgins and Eliza, had in mind and being true to his mind, let imagine that a possible happy ending could really mean for his Pygmalion and his Galatea” …

From an interview with Robert Carson by Genevieve Joublin, made for Theatre du Chatelet.

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