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Les ballets C de la B, choreography by Alain Platel

"nicht schlafen" by Alain Patel, in Bærum applaus,

“nicht schlafen” by Alain Patel, in Bærum applaus,

Review by Henning Høholt, applaus photos Tomas Bagackas

BÆRUM/NORWAY: An extraordinary guesting by the Les ballets C de la B, presented the very good, active, Nicht Schlafen, at a small Norway tour first to Stavanger, and in Bærum Kulturhus 22

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. & 23
. September
. Followed by Stockholm. – Deliviouse presented in a frame of music by Gustav Mahler
. It became a large success for the company and for the culture house in Bærum.

Vital fight starts it all, where the dancers try to undress each other, and nearly succeed with that in the opening part. This continues in several different groups, soli, pas de deus and ensembles. But nearly never what the normal dance audience talk about as a solo or par de deus, this was delicious virtuose, feeling full active dance in the choreographer Alain Platels own way.

Through nearly one hour and 45 minutes. They managed to keep the audience attention 100 %, a great pleasure, surrounded by Gustav Mahler music, in addition to the composer Steven Prengels contrasting polyphonic music, singing and sounds of animals makes a framework around the splendid ensembles choreographic movements.

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