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NORMA at Bayerisches Staatsoper with Edita Gruberova

With one of the last Primadonnas, Edita Gruberova, in the titelrole as Norma in Vincenzo Bellinis wonderful opera, it became a very special experience at Bayerisches Staatsoper in Münich a few weeks ago. Gruberova is a big star
. All the high tunes was there, unfortunately, often as a scream. Her Casta Diva, she performed the first part in her own fast tempo, when the conductor performed in his slower, and to me more correct tempo, in the second part there the conductors tempo was being followed

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. The wonderful well known Gruberova koleratura was not any longer as good as it has been, time has gone by, and it was not all so beautiful any longer. But later in the performance it sounded better, some of the duettas were really beautiful and, Gruberova still has an amazing wonderful pianissimo.

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