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Philippe Jaroussky with Porpora

PARIS: Once again, a pleasant meating with Philippe Jaroussky, his wonderful countertenor voice and Venice Baroque Orchestre led by Andrea Marcon at Theatre des Champs Elysees in Paris.

Philippe Jaroussky, Venice Baroque Orchestre and its leader Andrea Marcon, Photo Henning Høholt

Report by Henning Høholt, text and photos

At their concert the 23th September, they presented the following  program:

 Nicola Porpora (1686-1768): Il Germanico, ouverture « Mira in cielo », air extrait d’Arianna « Si pietoso il tuo labbro », air extrait de Semiramide riconosciuta. Leo L’Olimpiade, ouverture. Porpora « Nel già bramoso petto », air extrait d’Ifigenia in Aulide « Come nave in ria tempesta », air extrait de Semiramide d’Assiria. Sarti  « La Tempesta, in tempo du Ciaccona », air extrait d’Armida e Rinaldo
Porpora « Dall’amor più sventurato », air extrait d’Orfeo « Le limpid’onde », air extrait d’Ifigenia in Aulide. Vivaldi Concerto pour flûte sopranino, RV 443 (Soliste Anna Fusek). Porpora « Alto Giove », « Nell’attendere il mio bene », airs extraits de Polifemo.

New Album – Jaroussky – Farinelli at Erato.

It is allways pleasant to enjoy Philippe Jaroussky´s beautiful well controlled voice, and his good stage attitude. He has every thing the control, the power, the nuances, the virtuosity and the charm to present a program to his audience, which makes this extraordinay. And of course after ovations and generously three extranumbers, the evening ended with a long queue of audience waiting for Jaroussky to sign his CDs inclusive the last one on Erato with Farinelli songs. We hope that we will get a possibility also to review that, when it arrives from the Company.

The Venice Baroque Orchestre under their leader and founder Andrea Marcon, is among the leading ensembles of this kind in Europe, it sounds well, brilliance virtuosity, good balance in and between the different groups

. Enjoyable. Anna Fusek´s flute solo role in Vivaldi Concerto pour flûte sopranino was brilliant.


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