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Royal Journeys 1905–2005

Fritz Thaulows painting of the Royal familys arrival to Kristiania 25. november 1905. Foto: Jan Haug

OSLO: This exhibition, the first in the series The Royal Journey, focuses on journeys as a link between the monarch and the people
. While the focus is on journeys made by the present king and queen, the exhibition also looks at excursions to other countries by King Haakon VII and Queen Maud, King Olav V and Crown Princess Märtha.

Museum of Decorative Arts and Design 16. February–26. August 2012

The exhibition presents some 250 items from the royal collections. One recurrent theme is the aesthetics of travel. The exhibition shows the paraphernalia of these journeys: costumes, uniforms, official decorations and gifts given to our kings and queens by foreign heads of state visiting Norway.

Highlights include the carriage, costumes and uniforms made for the coronation in 1906, as well as costumes worn at the consecrations of 1958 and 1991.

Curators: Widar Halén and Nina Høye

The government’s gift
The Royal Journey is the Norwegian government’s gift to Their Majesties King Harald and Queen Sonja for their 75th birthdays in 2012. The gift consists of six exhibitions with treasures from the royal collections of art, cultural artefacts, and photographs

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Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

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