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Thomas Dausgaard and Orchestre Chambre de Paris

Thomas Dausgaard. Foto: Ulla-Carin Ekblom

Outstanding: Orchestre de chambre de Paris, Thomas Dausgaard,  direction, François Leleux,  oboe.

Review by Henning Høholt

Brahms  Liebeslieder-Walzer, version orchestrale
Mozart  Concerto pour hautbois K. 314
MacMillan  Concerto pour hautbois (création française)
Schubert  Symphonie n° 6

PARIS: It all started at Théâtre des Champs Élysées, with the beautiful Liebeslieder-Walzer by Johannes Brahms, that is, for me, mostly well known in the version with singers. It was a beautiful experience to listen to it in this version for orchestre. How can this be so beautiful? It must be Brahms unique soul, deep, pure, loving and passionate. And a very good orchestra with an excellent conductor Thomas Dausgaard.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Oboe concerto in D-Major K. 314 composed for oboist Giuseppe Ferlendis. It should be noted that the second flute concerto with the same catalog number Köchel the oboe concerto, which sembe quite normal, since the flute concerto is a transcription for flute oboe concerto. This concerto has three movements and lasts approximately 20 minutes. The theme of the third movement was taken up in the air Blonde “Welche Wohne, welche Lust” in the opera The Abduction from the Seraglio, the same composer.  It must be a pleasure for an ensemble to have such an outstading soloist oboe as François Leleux.

The concerto lasts approximately 20 minutes and consists of three movements:
Allegro Aperto
Adagio ma non troppo
Rondeau: Allegro

Francois Leleux


James MacMillans new Oboe concerto, was for the first time presented in France. Interesting to get to know this interesting composers oboe concerto, played by such a good oboe soloist, François Leleux.  It starts like that the musicians are joking with eachother, with an interesting use of sound combinations and of orchestral combinations, forexempel with pizzicato in the strings, this is later being repeated, but then it sound more sad. Elegant string glissandi was being used, an virtuose oboe solo was remarkable

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.  The concerto is in three parts, and was full of good ideas, absolutely a talented presentation of a young composers ideas. The piace could have been got a benefit, if it has been cut with some few minutes, to make it more directly

These two Oboe concertos presented a good cooperation between soloist and conductor, to great pleasure for the large audience.

It all ended with Franz Schuberts Symphony no 6. A work which suited the Orchestre Chambre de Paris very well. Thomas Dausgaard has the musicality needed to getting such a composition to come alive, and he had done a good preparation with the orchestre which sounded excellent. It was a great evening.

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