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The Royal Danish Ballet in New York.

Thomas Lund at Bournonville in Biarritz. Fot: Pål Tell Aronsen

Thomas Lund at Bournonville in Biarritz
. Fot: Pål Tell Aronsen

Troupe treats classics like the Dane of its existence:

The Royal Danish Ballet in New York.

Leigh Witchel writes at 

Mon., Jul. 4, 2011, 06:35am about The Royal Danish Ballet at David H

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. Koch Theater, Lincoln Center; in A big treat in “Bournonville Variations” is watching Thomas Lund dance. Lund, one of the troupe’s senior dancers, is a master of the style, with quicksilver speed, a cushiony jump and the ability to move as seamlessly as if he were embroidering the stage. He and company director Nikolaj Hubbe assembled sections of Bournonville’s intricate classroom exercises into a showpiece ballet, modernized with updated mottled gray costumes but shadowy lighting that makes it hard to see the steps — and they’re the real stars.

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And  June 15, 2011  wrote in :

See Naples and then die? In the passage of his memoirs that describes his visit to Naples and his subsequent composition of his three-act ballet “Napoli” (1842), the Danish choreographer August Bournonville quotes the old motto.


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