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When the garment made scandal


DRESS required – When the garment made scandal

PARIS/FRANCE: Sunday 23.april was last day for this popular exposition at Musée des Arts Decorative at Louvre

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. DRESS required when the garment made December 1, 2016 scandal April 23, 2017, every fashion season, as in the current social and political, difficult to escape the question of dress code
. “Dress required when the garment’s scandal” invites to revisit the scandals that have chaired the major turning points in the history of fashion from the 14th century to our days

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. This original and unexpected exhibition proposes to explore almost 300 clothing and accessories, portraits, caricatures and small objects, the liberties taken and offences made dress standard, codes and moral values. Flying dress, women’s pants, skirt for man, tuxedo for women, miniskirt, baggy, or blue jeans, become emblematic, have all marked a rupture, causing their emergence of virulent criticism, or even bans. Because they were too short or too long, too fitted or loose, too immodest or too much coverage, too female for man or too male for women, these clothes have transgressed the established order. This project, designed by Denis Bruna, conservative, in a staging by Constance Guisset, revolves around three strong themes: clothing and the rule is that a girl or a boy? and the provocation of the excesses