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ANNA KARENINA at Theatre des Champs Elysees.

Boris Eiframs Theater from St. Petersburg shall guest Theatre des Champs Elysees in Paris with one of his famouse Ballet productions ANNA KARENINA. The  music is by Peter Tchaikovsky.

Anna Karenin by Boris Eiframs. Foto from Theatre des Champs Elysee, Paris. Fotographer: ?

Anna Karenin by Boris Eiframs

. Foto from Theatre des Champs Elysee, Paris. Fotographer: ?

Boris Eifram is famouse for his elegant moving ballets build on exiting histories. Other of his most famouse are Red Giselle with a clear link to the original Giselle, and Russian Hamlet, where the Shakespeare Hamlet history is used as an inspiration for moving the history in to Katharina the Greats court, and the history with her husband, the Emperor, who is being assasinated, and with their son Peter (as a small child in the beginning) in the Hamlet role. An very inspiring version.  But Anna Karenina is the newest

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. Eifram is using the original history as a background for building his own version of the famouse history by Léon Tolstoï. Eiframs expressive dance language is using elegance on too tips, in combination with his own contemporary dance language, using challenging movements for the audience
. After our visit in Riga in September, where the Latvian National Ballet performed their version of Boris Eiframs Anna Karenina. Members of the audience expressed to us, that this was the best balletperformance they have seen through the last many years, a compliment.

Direction artistique Boris Eifman

Droits réservés

The history:

Life in the Karenin family goes by slowly and calmly. But the heart of Anna, the lady of the house, is suddenly inflamed by passion, which destroys their tranquil routine and the comforts of domestic harmony. Anna surrenders to her love for Vronsky and leaves her husband and beloved son, branding her with society’s mark of shame. But her decisions do not lead to happiness…

Boris Eifman: “Anna became dependent on corporal love. This dependence gradually becomes a disease, which, as a logical outcome, leads to suicide. I see Anna as a wolf-woman, a combination of two people: the socialite known and loved by her husband and son, and a woman overcome with passion. What is more important: surrendering oneself to an illusory domestic bliss or to the passion of true feelings? Do we have the right to destroy our family and abandon our children, all because of the desires of the body?”

Musique enregistrée. Music Peter Tchaikovsky.

Productions Internationales Albert Sarfati

Anna Karénine
Ballet en deux actes inspiré du roman de Léon Tolstoï

Boris Eifman direction artistique et chorégraphie
Piotr Ilitch Tchaïkovski musique
Zinovij Margolin décors
Viacheslav Okunev costumes
Gleb Filshtinsky lumières
Leonid Eremin effets spéciaux

Nina Zmiievets Anna Karénine
Sergey Volobuiev / Oleg Markov Karénine
Oleg Gabyshev / Aleksei Turko Vronsky
Ekaterina Zhigalova / Anastasia SitnikovaKitti
Corps de ballet du Eifman Ballet Théâtre

Premiere in Paris Friday 3 Décember, 20h, until 5. Décember, 17h

Please read our critic from Anna Karenina with The National Ballet in Riga at:


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