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Bournonville in Biarritz 6th edition

BIARRITZ/FRANCE: Bournonville in Biarritz 6th edition started this morning (Monday 28
. Juliy) in Biarritz. 

Dinna Bjørn, Alice Catonnet, Antoine Kirscher, Eric Viudes, 2014. Photographed after final reherasals at Palais Garnier in Paris. Last time the very demanding Pas de Vestale was performed, was by Toni Lander and Flemming Flindt soon some fifty years ago, (1967)

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. Please watch on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_mEJpMP5Js Foto Henning Høholt

A large group of students, semiprofessionelles and professionals, followed by pedagogues and spectators are present for a wonderful ballet week in Biarritz, where the theme this year is Saturday classes by Bournonville in the morning, followed by lectures of details from “Napoli” and from Bournonvilles last production “From Siberia to Moscow”, who was reconstructed by Frank Andersen and Dinna Bjørn for the Georgian National Ballet in Tblisi lately.

Nino Gogua and Vasil Akhmeteli in Act 1 of From Siberia to Moscow. Foto Georgian National Ballet, Tblisi.

This final year of Bournonville in Biarritz will end by a galle performance with highlights from Bournonvilles repertoirea, performed in the Halls of Malandin Ballet and presenting international soloists and from many corners of the world, by example Eugenie Skilnand and Philip Currell from the Norwegian National Ballet dancing from “La Sylphide” and Aice Catonnet and Antoine Kirscher from Paris Opera Ballet dancing the demanding “Pas de Vestale” to Sponitinis music.

This outstanding event, in fact it is first time in the world that Bournonvilles classes has been made as a 6 years summer course in this complete way is led by the worlds most famouse Bournonville ballet experts  from the Bournonville Academy in Copenhagen.

Thomas Lund, former soloist at The Royal Danish Ballet, now Head of The Royal Danish Ballet School in Copenhagen in a teaching situation during Bournonville in Biarritz 2011. the dancer behind left is Fabio Lopez from the Malandin Ballet. Archivephoto Pål Tell Aronsen

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