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Julie, 4 years old, says hello to father Christmas at Tivoli in Copenhagen.

COPENHAGEN: The Christmas industry is working hard to get all the attendence that they need to sell their products. and that’s good for the industri.

By Henning Høholt

But with us here in Paris, we have desided that we don´t start to think about Christmas until early December, otherwise we loose the Christmas joy before Christmas really comes, then, “Christmas has become so watered down that it gets boring.”

Don´t anybody remember your Childhoods Christmas how fascinating it was. It is the Christmas not any longer after that commercial trade and entertainment industry has taken over the Christmas completely. Have they asked the protagonist, who was born on December 24?

Very active are for exempel Tivoli in Copenhagen, Disney World, all over the World. The “traditional” Christmas market” in all the German cityes, which has become tourist attractions

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. Christmas concerts, and even some associations are starting with Christmas Services in the churches in the beginning of December. Much too early

Merry Christmas to all of you.

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