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Hodler Monet Munch -in Paris.  poster.

Hodler Monet Munch -in Paris

. poster.

Regarded by Henning Høholt.

PARIS/FRANCE: Interesting to regard the exclusive celebrity audience invited 13th

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. September 2016 for the vernissage to the Hodler Monet Munch exposition at Musee Monet Marmottan.

Cocktail dresses

A lot of the wimen present were elegant in good looking cocktail dresses, assisted by gentlemen, correctly in dark colored suits – actually too, hot as it was more than 30 centigrades.

Bags for the cocktail dresses.

I must regret
. In Paris, the world capital of couture. At this exclusive exposition, full of  celebrities, I didn’t see any elegant cocktail bags, fitting any of the outfits

The closest I could come to elegant bags, were these two, however, it has nothing to do with the name "Cocktail Bag", Foto Henning Høholt

The closest I could come to elegant bags, were these two, however, it has nothing to do with the name “Cocktail Bag”, Foto Henning Høholt

– In fact it was prepared a wardrobe for outerwear, where such traveling bags could have been left, and then it would have been possible to have a small elegant (cocktail) bag inside, that with the necessary lipstick, powder to powder the notes and cheeks, and eventually a visiting card and iphone, but bringing so large sport and shopping bags in to a cocktail opening.

To day in the fashion market are so many lovely and elegant small cocktail bags, /Evening out bags. If it is necessarily to bring larger bag for extra elegant evening shoes, leave it in the wardrobe, and show the real famouse French couture elegance, together with a matching pair of evening shoes.

BAD Taste:

Let this photo reportage tell how bad it looked. (all photos discretely photographed by Henning Høholt).

 I do hope that this wrong taste outfit combinations will change fast, if not the renomé of the french elegance in couture will not keep.

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