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COMME DES GARCONS at Les Docks, Paris

Comme des Garcons, White Dream at Les Docks. Photo: Tomas Bagackas


By Tomas Bagackas

PARIS: Musee Galliera hors les murs at Les Docks, Paris, are presenting the exhibition WHITE DREAMS, Rei Kawakubo´s Comme des Garcons latest fashion event, Spring Summer 2012, shown in “Glass Bowles” – round clear plastic halls, which gives an amazing look at this special presentation way of a collection.

Comme des Garcons at Les Docks, Photo: Tomas Bagackas

No numbered seats, no catwalk, no carefully timed parades etc. As this is no ordinary fashion show, but a “caywalk” made like an installation, designed by Rei Kawakubo her self. Dramatizing life´s big events: Birth, marriage, death and transcendence.

A ways one to shun convention, Rei Kawakubo has metamorphosed the classic fashion show and rewritten the codes of high fashion
. In White Drama with its quasi monochrome models, she dramatizes life’s big events: birth, marriage, death and transcendence, as mentioned above

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White Dreams is whiteness pure, ceremonial white of every hue. Budding flowers, layered handkerchiefs, white flecked material, lace insets inspired by christening robes, an obibow belt, overcoats and tall hats redolent of the Holy Week processions in Seville, a wedding gown like the silky cocoon of an insect and fabrics, both untreated and refined, shiny and mat, opaque and sheer, which take on a vibrant life of their own, drawing on the natural vitality of the animal, mineral and vegetable worlds.

WHITE DREAM with Comme des Garcons. Photo: Tomas Bagackas

White Dreams are in really a feast; it is masterful fashion architecture from which there emanates an intangible almost spiritual dimension to transport you to the unique world of Rei Kawakubo.

“It is like entering to a dream world, where the models are present, and in another way note present here, like we are looking in to an unknown world, perhaps another eplanet, but still, it is human forms”.

White Dream, Photo: Tomas Bagacas

“The coise of materials are exclusive, natural, silk and viscose, cotton, wool in different combinations. Laces are being used in the details”.

Curator is Olivier Saillard, Director of the Galliera Museum.

Scenography: Rei Kawakubo, Founder and designer of Comme des Garçons.

White Dream in many variations at Les Docks. Photo: Tomas Bagackas

Exhibition produced with the support of Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garçons, spring summer 2012.

The exhibition of Comme des Garcons WHITE DREAMS at Les Docks are continuing until September 7th 2012.

Les Docks, 2012. Photo: Tomas Bagackas. Copyright reserved for all photos.


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