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Stefan Herheim and Richard Wagner:





By Henning Høholt, text og foto av Stefan Herheim

WIEN/AUSTRIA: The Opera highlight of this Saturday evening was Stefan Herheim og Richard Wagners extraordinary good Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg from Salzburg Festival 2013, conducted by Daniele Gatti

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This is a coproduction between, Teatro della Scala, Milano, Metropolitan Opera in New York, and, as far as I remember Opera de Paris, and some other places – I do hope that is the one we also will get in Oslo, when we come so far

I would be very surprised if not Richard Wagner would be proud of this evenings wonderful Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg in a great, very talented staging by Stefan Herheim, scenografi by Heike Scheele, and conducted by Daniele Gatti at MEZZO, From Salzburg Festival 2013. With an excellent cast.

What a talented staging, great details, Wonderful cast, the scenographic solutions, – Heike Scheele, , by letting all the first act be going on like at Hans Sachs writing desk, enlarged from the opening picture, and, of course in the beginning looking as the interior of the Katharina Church in Nürnberg, letting the singers appear as dolls in the enlarged interior.

– As usual we heard buing when Stefan Herheim and his brilliant staff entered stage. People are so jalouse, when a talented person and an extraordinary staff is doing a good job. BRAVO STEFAN and CO

It will be repeated on Mezzo: 15 / 01 – 15h30 and 19 / 01 – 15h25.


Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, by Richard Wagner

Wiener Philharmoniker, Daniele Gatti (conductor)
Konzertvereinigung Wiener Statsopernchor
Stefan Herheim (Stage Direction)

Anna Gabler (Eva)
Monika Bohinec (Magdalene)
Michael Volle (Hans Sachs)
Roberto Saccà (Walther von Stolzing )
Georg Zeppenfeld (Veit Pogner)
Markus Werba (Sixtus Beckmesser)
Peter Sonn (David)
Thomas Ebenstein (Kunz Vogelsang )
Guido Jentjens (Konrad Nachtigall)
Oliver Zwarg(Fritz Kothner)

Applaus Salzburg 2013. Michael Volle as Hans Sacks and Markus Werba as Sixtus Beckmesser in the center. Meistersinger in Nürnberg by Stefan Herheim, Foto Henning Høholt from Mezzo

Benedikt Kobel (Balthasar Zorn)
Franz Supper (Ulrich Eißlinger)
Thorsten Scharnke (Augustin Moser)
Karl Huml (Hermann Ortel)
Dirk Aleschus (Hans Schwarz)
Roman Astakhov (Hans Foltz)
Tobias Kehrer (Un veilleur de nuit)

Directed by Hannes Rossacher
Recorded at the Salzburg Festival 2013

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