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Martin Fröst exclusive contract with Sony Classical

MUNICH/GERMANY: SonyClassical is proud to announce an exclusive long-term contract with Martin Fröst

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. The Swedish clarinettist has gained world-wide recognition for his technically astounding playing, his consummate musicianship and his versatility as a performance artist.

Martin Fröst, Photo © Mats Bäcker


Martin Fröst receives acclaim for his unique, physical performance style and for an extraordinary dexterity with his instrument. “Fröst exhibited virtuosity and a musicianship unsurpassed by any clarinettist – perhaps any instrumentalist – in my memory,” wrote the New York Times, and “there is something approaching the supernatural about his command of his instrument.” The Times claimed “Until you’ve heard Martin Fröst, you really haven’t heard the clarinet.”

Martin Frøst after his concert at Théâtre des Champs Élysées in 2013. Foto Henning Høholt

Martin Fröst‘s repertoire ranges from Mozart and Stamitz to Copland and Hindemith. It encompasses many genres: klezmer and jazz, classical, modern and post-modern. Having fully explored the core repertoire for his instrument, Fröst has premiered a number of new works, including concerti composed by Kalevi Aho, Rolf Martinsson, Krzysztof Penderecki and Bent Sørensen. Anders Hillborg‘s “Peacock Tales”, which blends choreography, mime and musical virtuosity, has delighted audiences and critics the world over.

Martin Fröst reaches “people who would otherwise be unlikely to step into a concert hall” (Die Welt). The premiere of “Dollhouse”, merging several musical works, choreography and special lighting effects, with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic in 2013, revealed an undiminished appetite for daring innovation in the concert hall.

Fröst’s next big undertaking is a three-year project starting in 2015 dubbed “Genesis”, which will explore the religious and folk origins of classical music. His debut album for Sony Classical is part of “Genesis”, tracking the development of music over space and time through original compositions and well-known core classical pieces arranged for the clarinet as well as dance and folk music tunes. The album is set for release in January 2016 and will be recorded with Fröst performing as both soloist and conductor with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra at the Konserthuset in Stockholm.

Martin Fröst comments: “I am absolutely delighted to be joining such an important and iconic label as Sony Classical and feel honoured to be signing as an exclusive artist at a time which also marks the beginning of a new and exciting period for me musically. Our first collaboration will therefore form a part of my new multi-year project “Genesis”, a project that I will be performing with a number of orchestras around the world and that will focus on the sources of classical music and the exploration of how we can open new doors into the future. I am really excited about sharing our ideas and working together on what I hope will be new, innovative and creative projects.”

Martin Fröst is also a popular guest at concerts in Norway, all the time since his sensationel Norway debut at the Risør Chambermusic Fest many years ago, is he still returning. This photo is from his resent concert in Bærum Kulturhus, relaxed together with Tore Johansen from Bærum Kuturhus, after having signed the poster from that evenings concert together with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. Foto Henning Høholt- 2014

















Bogdan Roscic, President of Sony Classical, said: “Seeing and hearing Martin Fröst is one of the strongest experiences classical music offers at the moment. Audiences around the world react to it with an enthusiasm bordering on euphoria. Martin is able to convey an overwhelming sense of being taken closer to the music’s essence and has found ways of expressing that which are quite unique in our business. He has already built a remarkable discography and we are very proud that he has chosen to continue it on Sony Classical.”


Photo © Mats Bäcker

Martin Fröst is represented worldwide by Harrison/Parrott Ltd.

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