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Igor Stravinsky at Theatre des Champs Élysée

Igor Stravinsky at Theatre des Champs Élysée

Vienna Philpharmonic

conducted by Lorin Mazel presented a fascinating and powerful Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky (photo) and a beautiful Ludwig van Beethoven Pastorale symfoni (no
. 6) at Theatre des Champs Élysée Monday March 1th in Paris

The Vienna Philharmonic proved that their good reputation as one of the most famous symphony orchestras in the world still is true

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. With brilliant soloplayers in all the groups it was a pleasure to enjoy the concert evening in Paris. Which only ended after two Hungarian Dances encores by Johannes Brahms, virtuosely played.

The Pastorale Symphnoy is the only of his Symphonies which is having a history, It starts with tha we are arriving to the country side,  cintinues at the side of a small river, followed by an amusing partying between the people living in the countryside. This is followed by the Storm and ending with happiness and thankfull thaughts after the Storm
. Lorin Mazel with his outstanding orchestra with first class soloists in all the groups performed the symphony so it became very fascinating. Composed between 1806-08.

This was followed by Igor Stravinskys The Rite of Spring from 1911-1913 are the orchestras Paris celebration of the 100 years Jubile of Les Ballets Russes, and at the right place in Theatre des Champs Élysées. Where it was performed for the first time May 29th 1913 by the Ballets Russes of Dhiaghilev to chroreographie by Vaslav Nijonsky, with decor and costumes by Nicolas Roerich, At that time it was conducted by Pierre Monteux. Vienna Philharmonic made a faschinating performance: lorin Mazel conducted this piee for the first time in Vienna March 25th 1974. When he was registrating it for Decca with the orchestra. And it was clear to all of us, that mr Mazel know this piece, and all its details very well
. But in fact the Vienna Philharmonic has allready played the piece before touring in Japan, 1963,  conducted by Sir Georg Solti, but unfortunately never given out.

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