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Alexander Vedernikov conducting Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France.

PARIS: Orchestre Philharmonic de Radio France concerted in SallePleyel October 5th conducted by Alexander Vedernikov, and Jean-Frédéric Neuburger as piano soloist in Claude Debussys Fantasie for piano and orchestre in G- major.

The opening was Claude Debussys En blanc et noir (In black and white). Three piano pieces for two pianos, composed in 1915. Arranged for orchestra by Robin Holloway (2002).

It was interesting to listen to how Robin Hollowayhas transformed the two piano pice, in three movements in to a concertpiece, and in what way he used the orchestral apparature to enlarge the effects inclusive bells and all the possibilityes he has in the orchestra, and in that way having the possibility to enlarge the sound

Robin Holloway has arranged Claude Debussys three piano pieces In Black and White, composed for two pianos for large orchestra, first time performed in 2004.

The first part is as in the piano version heavy, with a lot of maximum sound, the fanfare themes became great flutes together with trumpet, and i had the feeling that the brass enjoyed to be at work that day as Alexander Vedernikov let them give all they could
. In this way the second part is a great contrast, as it is full of soft feelings, but still from the middle is having another time of feeling, again inclusice fanfare themes, which in the two piano version is great, but with brass becomes even better.

Then we got “real” Debussy, with the composers Fantasie for piano and orchestre in G- major. and Jean-Frédéric Neuburger as piano soloist.

The second part gives the pianosoloist much more possibilityes to work, being the leading part and to be heard, specially in the opening, where he has the background from strings. During the way in good cooperation with the Cello solo, furthermore with a pleasant Solo Obo, good Clarinets,

In the third part deliciouse small solo details, elegant pizzicato opening of the last part, but after a while the temperature is raising and we are coming up to a virtuose ending

Jean-Frédéric Neuburger played Debussys Fantasi for Piano and Orchestra.

Encore: George Gerswin´s Prelude no 2 in C Sharp Minor.

After the break i got the feeling of rush time with Peter Tsjaikovsijs Symphonie no 4. in f-minor

I suppose that the Brass feeld they were having a good day, as Vedrenikov let them play all they could, but in fact that dont allways give better music, some times a controle gives much more delicasy in the sound of such a great symphony as this one.  I do know that mr

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. Vedernikov had an extra large string orchestra this evening because of the praxis agreement with the Academie de Music, which gave him 7 extra strings, that is welcome, but that is not any excuse for letting the wood play so loud, However I prefer controle also in the fortissimo parts, – on the other side the string pianissimos was beautiful.

The audience loved the concert, but I had the feeling that we were in the middle of the most heavy rush traffic.


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