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Sacred treasures from the Medici family in Firenze


Nel segno dei Medici

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. Tesori sacri nella devozione granducale.

In the sign of Medici family, sacred treasures in Grand Duke devotion

Firenze, Italy, at Museo delle Cappelle Medicee, 2015 april 21st2015 november 3rd

From the Medici exposition in Firenze

From the Medici exposition in Firenze

Visited by Fabio Bardelli

FIRENZE/ITALY: Very precious and magnificent gifts made by florentine Medici family to churches and sanctuaries are exposed in this rich exhibition in Florence at Medici Chapels Museum.

All the pieces on display are of the highest quality and refined workmanship, extraordinary works of excellent prestigious goldsmiths, then active in the workshops of Grand Duke.
Among these objects we find precious votive crowns used for sacred images, monstrances, altar cloths, reliquaries, chalices, everything highly refined and very precious to show both the political and economic power of Medici family almost vulgarly displaying in a sort of self-congratulation and personal almost brazen propaganda, definitely a bit over the top.

So through these rich jewels of devotional art Medicis showed their generosity to the clergy and to the people; they had always very close relations with the Catholic religion, and these objects went to embellish churches of Tuscany and outside.

Of course from 1570 to the beginning of the 18th century, the period covered by this exhibition, the goldsmith’s art underwent evolution, refinement, style changes. All this is well demonstrated in this Florentine exhibition that is almost a riot of gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones, marbles
. All to celebrate authority and power of the most important among the great florentine families who ruled Florence till the middle of the 18th century.

By Fabio Bardelli


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