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San Francisco Ballet celebrates Les étés de la Danse 10 year

PARIS/FRANCE: The highlight at the performance we attended with San Francisco Ballet, was George Balanchine Four Temperamants, where the choreographer has given the dancers the possibility to show their and the choreographers high class. and the dancers good quality, it was a pleasure, to follow this ballet, whoch is well known in the ballet world, since it was premiered in 1958.

To Paul Hindemiths music, with the good Prométhée Orchestra, conducted by Martin West and with the brilliant pianist Roy Bogas as soloist.

Review by Henning Høholt, applause photos Tomas Bagackas.

From Balanchines Four Temperaments. In the center Sofiane Sylve together with the conductor Martin West (left) and pianist Roy Bogas, and the other soloists, and ballet members. Applause photo: Tomas Bagackas.

This evening, Saturday 19. July,  started with Alexei Rathmansky and Dmitri SjostakovitsjSymphony no. 9. With a brilliant quintet in the leading roles: Sarah Van Patten, Carlos Quenedit, Simone Messmer, John Sofranko, and in the most leading male role, the outstanding soloist Taras Domitro.


Rathmansky chooses often a great music number, so that the audience has a great musical line, that is positive. Still with good choreographic details during the way, unfortunately his choreographic qualityes are not allways good enogh to fill up such a demanding piece, and often it is going too fast or too much in march tempo, so the dancers dont completely manage to do all of it as perfect as it, in fact could have been done. This is a pity for the quality.

Taras Domitro, surrounded by Sarak Van Patten, Carlos Quenedit, Simone Messmer and James Sofranko. Foto from the applause of Alexei Rathmanskys Symphony no 9 to Sjostakovistj music. Beautiful costumes by Keso Dekker. 19.7.14. Henning Høholt

However in this piece with Sjostakovitsj music, it worked well, and the audience was flattered, because of good dancers, and i dont think that all the audience notice what the critics are having in mind, when we are basing our critic on what we do see, during performnaces with world famouse companies around in the wide ballet world. Either by attending the performances live, but also through the extraordinary help it is that many of the companies are being presented, and  their performances repeated, through video, tv and DVD, and on cinemas, where we even can come closer to details, that we cant see on stage. Beautiful and tastefull costumes by Keso Dekker. The brilliant Prométhée Orchestra, conducted by Martin West.

Helgi Tomasson, successfull leader of Sna Francisco Ballet.. photo David-Allen
Please read our presentation of their guesting to Les Étés de la Danse: http://www.kulturkompasset.com/2014/07/san-francisco-ballet-at-les-etes-de-la-danse-in-paris/

Christopher Wheeldon presented his Within the Golden Hours to music by Ezio Bosso, excerpts from different pieces, and the finale with Vivaldi music. Wheeldon is working in another way than Rathmansky. He is choosing carefully the musically details which is giving him and his dancers the extraordinary events for telling the passions that he want sto show. )- That will say, that he is not just choosing a music and filling it uo with steps and movements, as mr. Rathmansky seems to do).

In this Christopher Wheeldon is giving the audience dep passions, and the dancers really something demanding to work hard with
. It became a beautiful experience to attend, and the audience loved it. Leading dancers in this ballet was Mathilde Froustey, Rubén Marin Cintas, Sarah van Patten, Luke Ingham, Maria Kochetkova, Vitor Luiz.

Prométhée Orchestra performed the demnding music by Ezio Rosso, conducted by Ming Luke.

Please enjoy presentation video at https://www.youtube.com/user/SFBallet

Please enjoy our applause video from Four Temperamants

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. Foto: Tomas Bagackas:

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