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TOMAS BACAGKAS – Fashion Show in Paris 21. November 2013

Tomas Bagackas in Cabourg 2013. Foto: Henning Høholt

PARIS: The young Norwegian designer, Tomas Bagackas, couturier and Norwegian Tailoring Master man and women, shall present his first couture collection in Paris 21. November 2013 at the Lithuanian Embassy. Where 15 mannequins , female and male, shall present his ideas for the coming season.


Diplomatically he has called his collection Timeless, which has to do with that he is not hanging him self up in the seasons, more in that if a person like what she, or he is wearing, then it is timeless to wear, and when we are looking at timeless fashion/couture, it is allways like that.

The collection, Timeless, for female and male is full of deliciouse fashion for all of us, allways in deliciouse materials, silk, with laces, but also with more modern material combinations in natural fibers.

Kulturkompasset will follow up with a fully reportage with many photos from the show

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First enjoy Tomas Bagackas Madonna, which has been following the world wide invitations.

Tomas Madonna til Timeless kolleksjonen
. Foto: Arturas Rindeikas



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