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New York Times praises Herheims «La Boheme»


The Oslo production of «La Boheme» is on DVD.


New York Times praises Herheims «La Boheme»

By Torkil Baden

Torkil Baden

Torkil Baden

NEW YORK/USA: A front page article in The New York Times  (Nov 1st.) analysizes recent productions of «La Boheme»

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Classic music editor Zachary Woolfe discusses nostalgia and renewal in the Puccini-classic with reference to New York and Europe.


La Boheme

La Boheme: Herheim´s finest so far.

In the end of the article Woolfe refers to the Oslo production from 2012, also available on DVD, as an experience he does not want to be without:

It is one of the saddest, loveliest spectacles I’ve ever seen… Mr. Herheim’s staging is about loss and denial. It’s also about what we seek from opera, the kind of escape into an idyllic past — our culture’s and our own

….I would not want to be without Mr. Herheim’s vision, which celebrates, without undue indulgence, the sentimentality that permeates “La Bohème.” 


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