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The Wednesday evening concert with Deutsche Radio Philharmonic Orchestra from Saarbrücken-Kiserskauterne become a fantastic experience, something extraordinary. Due to two importent moments. Genadij Roshdestvenskij conducting, – and inspiring, not only the whole orchestra but also the audience by his vital presence on stage and by his charming introduction before the concert started.

Second, the music by Sergei Prokofiev is brilliant. The decission of Prokofiev to settle for a periode in Paris in 1923 was importent for him and for France

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.  Where it was a center for the avant garde culture in all ways. Cubisme, surrealisme, futurisme, constructivisme and urbanisme style inspirations from Italy and from the Sovjet Union, this together created an artistique atmosphaere, that the audience  and the critic appreciated.

During his Paris periode Sergei Prokofiev among other pieces composed the three compositions at this evenings program:

Symphony no 2, which starts with its powerful first part, where I hear wonderful impressions from Prokofievs past in Sovjet, then contrasting followed by the very beautiful Andante completely contrary to the first part, and this is then followed by a lot of variations. Composed 1924.

Prokofievs 2nd Violin concerto with soloist Sasha Roshdestvenskij, which had the energy and deep feelings that this intricate violinconcerto needs. A beautiful tune came from his violin in the andante part, and virtuose leading lines were presented to bravour. Composed 1935.

Finally we got the suite from the ballet Les Pas d´acier opus 41, for me unknown, but very interesting to be aquainted with. Dedicated to Serge Dhiaghilev, which company created the ballet choreographed by Léonide Massine, with costumes and decoration by Georges Yakoulov and premiered at Sarah-Bernhardt Théatre, Paris 7.th June 1927. Composed 1925-26

A good concert evening in the much too far situated Cite de la Music in Paris. But the house was full of an entusiastic audience.

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