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Orchestre National de France, conducted by Daniele Gatti gave the audience a fascinating  Mahlers 1. Symphony “TITAN” at Theatre des Champs Elysées Thursday 23. January. 

By Henning Høholt

Applaus after Gustav Mahler 1. symphony with Orchestre National de France and Daniele Gatti in Paris. Foto: Henning Høholt

PARIS: Inspired, full of musicality, beautiful detailed passages and soloprestations in all corners of the stage. That was how the audience heard Gustav Mahlers 1. Symfoni TITAN in Paris 23. January 2014.

The opening of Mahler 1. Reminds me of a beautiful gold filigran jewelery, where the musicians are like playing happily with each other without any roff parts. however we have the underlined feeling that they are building up to some thing extraordinary, so far unknown. – It became a fascinating Mahler experience.

This concert evening opened with a few words by Daniele Gatti, who in remembering of Claudio Abbado, who passed away some days ago, performed Ait by Bach.

Anne Gastinel, ready to start on Dvorak Cello Concerto. to te right Daniele Gatti. Foto: Henning Høholt

DVORAK Cello Concerto

After the great evening two weeks ago with Orchestre National de France, conducted by David Zinman, which ended with Dvorak´s 9th Symphoni, it was again a plasure to have Dvorak at the programme tonight with his beautiful cello concerto, one of the worlds most beautiful cello concerto´sdeliciously played with Anne Gastinel as soloist. Still that I prefere a smoother, not so ruf cello tune, it became a great presentation the concert.

THe first part with its marcant cello themes responding to the orchestra was working very well. In the second part we enjoyed the cooperation the cello soloist and the wooden soloists, it was delicious with tendernes.

The marcant rhytm opening of the third part was well made with good musicality, feeling between the concertmaster, Sarah Nemtanu, solopart, solists and the orchestra. The concerto is ending, repeating some of the opening themes, a beautifull interpretation.

Ms. Anne Gastine replyed to the big applause with two encores, first a “Birds song”, Chant des Oiseaux then a Bach Sarabande from one of his suites.

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