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Tosca at Bastille

PARIS: Tosca at Bastille Mai 5th

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. was again a special performance. Massimo Giordano is great as Cavaradossi. Iano Tamar ok as Tosca, but nothing extraordinary, and as Scarpia was the geat baryton Franck Ferrari playing an interesting role
. But for me to play Tosca at Bastille is not the best choise of operahouse for this wonderful Giacomo Puccini opera
. It needs a more intime stage, and at least a better staging.

But the worst in this production is that it seems that the director Werner Schroeter dont trust in that this splendid opera can stay by it self. And in this lays the biggest problem for the production at Opera Bastille. Werner Schroeter is in each of the acts adding some not needed details, which is disturbing the audience in enjoying the singers in the leading roles, and because of these ideas spoiling the performance for the audience.

In act no 1
. the Madonna sculpture, which is alive, but shall look like a sculpture, that it is moving a bit during the act does that the audience is being disturbed.

In 2 act. 4 mens in each their wondow trying like to underline the acts details what is going on between Scarpia and Tosca. This disturbes a lot. Furthermore is the staging of the absolute ending of the act spending too much time by letting Tosca after she has killed Scarpia moving around with the candles, the bibel, and not coming away from the place.

In act 3. The drunk soldiers, which finds that one of their colleagues is dead, does that the wonderful arias and duets between Cavaradossi and Tosca is being disturbed. Furthermore the Shepherd has notthing to do on stage during all the act. his job is to lead the sheeps ut to the field, not to sleep on the roof og something not looking like Castel Sant Angelo.

The decorations are boring and the costumes ordinary by Alberto Barsaco.  This production, where this evening was no 90 in the same production need to be renewed.

The orchestra and choir conducted by Renato Palumbo sounded great.

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