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Exciting fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen at Taschen.

A cornerstone of modern magic

It´s always time for a fairytale

PARIS/FRANCE: Exciting collection of famous fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen The fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, came out at Taschen in 2013, and is still actual.

It includes a selection of his most famous stories, including classics such as The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and The Princess and the Pea, in a remarkable translation by Jean Hersholtin 1942, accompanied works by big names in the illustration.

This collection offers a rich selection that surprising stunning artworks made between 1900 and 1980 by leading figures in the magical illustration, as Kay Nielsen, a true artist reference, the popular Arthur Rackham, the eccentric Tom Seidmann -Freud (niece of Sigmund Freud) and director of animated films revolutionary Lotte Reiniger.Ancient or contemporary silhouettes are also enrich the presentation of Andersen’s stories in a unique model of its kind, bringing each tale to a specific artist

This book will ideally complement the art of an adult child of a library or collection of books.

In addition to their stories and illustrations, the book includes an overview of the legacy of Andersen, brief introductions to each of the stories, and in the appendix, detailed biographies of artists.

Designed for the whole family, this edition is made with love to share the eternal magic of Andersen’s stories celebrating the tender and moving story that are both part of our collective imagination and literary canons.

  • Gathers the most famous fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen in a single edition of a kind
  • Presents illustrations of famous artists from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Japan, the United States, Czech Republic, Sweden and Ukraine
  • Contains dozens of silhouettes made especially for this edition,as well as other jewelry created by outstanding artists

The collection includes the following stories:

The Princess and the Pea,

The Nightingale and the Emperor of China,

The swineherd boy

What the Father does is well done, The Little Mermaid,

The Emperor’s New Clothes,

The Big needle,

Twelve Travelers in chaise ,

The Stoic Tin Soldier,

The Snow Queen,

The Flea and the Professor,

Tom Thumb,

The Betrothed,

A Week of little elf-Luk-Oie,

Five in a pea pod,

The Ugly Duckling,

The Flowers Little Ida,

The Shepherdess and the Chimney,

The safe driving,

The Little Match Girl,

The Beagle and The Pen and ink,

The Rooster hen and rooster weathervane

Thumbelina British artist Eleanor Vere Boyle, 1872. © The Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Solvang, California
The Little Mermaid by British artist Jennie Harbour, 1932. © Jennie Harbour
Above: The lighter Heinrich Strub, 1956

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. © Heinrich Strub

Exciting new book with the fairytales by H.C.Andersen - Taschen

Exciting new book with the fairytales by H.C.Andersen – Taschen

Tales of Hans Christian Andersen
Christmas DanielHardcover, bound in cloth
20.5 x 25.6 cm€ 29.99Edition: French
ISBN: 978-3-8365-2677-7

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