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Ballet of Monte-Carlo : Maillot at Chaillot for a beautiful « Songe »

Ballet of Monte-Carlo : Maillot at Chaillot for a beautiful « Songe »

Jean-Christophe Maillot, director of the Ballet de Monte-Carlo, was in Paris from June 8th to 15th to share
one of his creation inspired by the most famous dream written by Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

With « Le Songe », created in 2005, Jean-Christophe Maillot carry on with narrative ballet, using a very
classical vocabulary and confirms his talent to modernise traditional ballet’s themes

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This story has been a very rihc source of inspiration for choreographers and many of them have created
their own version, but for Jean-Christophe Maillot it has a special meaning as he used to dance it several
time in Hamburg, in the John Neumeier’s version.

In « Le Songe », Maillot sets three different worlds up : the young Atheniens’ one, the Fairies’ one and the
Craftsmen’s one. Those three worlds are to put in perspective with the Maillot’s vision of the three steps of
evolution of the dancers : first, the technicity and the youth with the Atheniens, then, the enchantment and grace with the Fairies, and eventually the drama with the Craftsmen

For this very beautiful ballet, Philippe Guillotel signs wonderful costumes that really highlight the
dancers’ lines and movements, while contributing to set a perfect atmosphere up. For the music, Maillot
melts with talent some parts of Félix Mendelssohn’s partitions with other by Daniel Teruggi, and also an
original composition by Bertrand Maillot. For the scenery, Maillot called the famous street artist Ernest
Pignon-Ernest, well-known for his life-size pictures of Arthur Rimbaud and Pasolini on Parisians walls.
The sets are very well designed, and some elements are very smart, like the flower used by Puck to make
people fall in love, which is in fact a kind of vehicle made with an overboard. This is a very rich idea,
addding some originality and humor at the piece.

Jean-Christophe Maillot shows in his Songe a real and effervescent creativity, above all in the
choreography of the pas-de-deux which are both very sensual and novative, showing extraordinary portés.
The dancers of the company are really excellent and shows great quality as much in terms of technicity as
in terms of artistic expression. A special distinction must be accorded to the dancers playing Puck who
displays remarkable artistic talent giving a very colorful interpretation.