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Life in danger at the Nationaltheatret in Oslo

From Ronja Røverdatter: Øystein Røger and Anne Krigsvoll , foto Lisa Strindberg

Life in danger at the Nationaltheatret in Oslo

By Lisa Strindberg, text and photos

The Nationaltheatret in Oslo has presented a varied and dynamic repertoire for the fall of 2013. Securing tradition through classics like Shakespeares King Lear and Ibsens Hedda Gabler, young head of the theater, Hanne Tömta, is mainly focused on writers of our own time to discuss the premises of the human condition today. This fall with with a closer look at children.

The family – a dangerous place for a child ?

This is a hot theme in the media and Nationaltheatret brings plays like Omsorg (Care), written by concept-directors Goksöyr and Martens, Ronja Röverdatter by Astrid Lindgren and Lulu by Frank Wedekind.

From Lulu, foto Lisa Strindberg

Hanne Tømta, head on the Nationaltheatre, Oslo. foto Lisa Strindberg

The play OSV (ETC), by Johan Harstad is a merciless familydrama. And – remembering Cordelia and her father, the king, we see that Shakespeares King Lear brings on how the allpowered father creates a dysfunctional family.

The good dialog

I love intelligent dialog and expect to hear it when I see Freuds siste møte (Freuds last session) by the award-winning american playwright, Mark St Germain. The play is a dialog between Sigmund Freud and the author C.S. Lewis (they never met), about important themes in a human existence.

Styrtet engel (Fallen angel) by the famous Swedish author and playwright, P.O. Enquist, tell a story of yearning for love, but fearing not being worthy of such love from another person.

An event

The play, Delusion of the fury by Harry Partch, directed by last years winner of the International Ibsen Award, Heiner Goebbels, will premier on September 12, 2013. Partch is known as a musical philosopher

The program also includes new Norwegian plays, like Den andre mannen i meg (The other man in me) a monolog based on the diaries of a famous norwegian poet, Olav H. Hauge

Being old, but not boring

Young @Heart: End of the road, with singers from 70 and up should inspire old people with young souls also in Norway. This international “sensation”, visiting the Nationaltheatret in october, has toured from Europe to New Zealand and Japan.

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