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Maiko Nishino as Giselle

Maiko Nishino beautiful as Giselle

By Henning Høholt

Maiko Nishino and as Giselle and Albrecht. Foto from Ingrid Lorentzens page at Facebook

Maiko Nishino and as Giselle and Ryoichi Hirano as Albrecht. Foto from Ingrid Lorentzens page at Facebook


OSLO/NORWAY: Maiko Nishino performed a beautiful Giselle at the Operahouse in Oslo 4th February. This brilliant dancer has the power and elegance to form her role to something extraordinary, nearly in everything she do on stage. Therefore her forming of Giselle became a success.

It was a pleasure to enjoy Ryoichi Hirano1. soloist from The Royal Ballet, Covent Garden,  as Albrecht. Who, as Maiko, also is born in Osaka, Japan, he formed his Prince Albrect role with power and virtuosity, beautiful work with legs and arms, he is tall, which gives the right balance between him and Giselle.

Bonde pas de deux´en i første akten ble godt danset av Miharu Maki og Riccardo Ambrogi.

As Hilarion it was a pleasure to enjoy Osiel Gouneo, who formed the role well, without any extra complicating actioning, an honest role presentation, and we were also happy to  enjoy his very short, but excellent solo in second act.

Samantha Lynch was enchanting, and powerful, as Myrtha with wonderful high legs, and great elegance

The Operaorchestra, conducted by Per Kristian Skalstad, while consertmester Catharina Chen formed the beautiful violinsoli brilliantly.

Maiko Ishino og Ryoichi Hirano as Giselle and Albrecht in Giselle. Foto Erik Berg

Maiko Nishino og Ryoichi Hirano as Giselle and Albrecht in Giselle. Foto Erik Berg

It was the 98 performance of Giselle with The Norwegian National Ballett, two days later the 99. performance was performed, that will say, that when we again will see Giselle with the National ballet in Oslo y´the opening performance will be no. 100. A good jubilee. Specially since it shows that such an “old fashion” ballet, with Adolphe Adams beautifully, romantic and in a way “old fashion” music, still is popular. The audience are enjoying  to be “entertained” by the romantic history, about a so-called “impossible” love affaire between a prince and a normal girl from the countryside. However, isn´t that what we also see today in the real life? This is perhaps why this kind of performances, also as Swanlake, still is among the most popular ballet performances in the world, where, in the ballet world we dont have so many “big hits” ballets, as in the opera world, where there in deed are many big hits, – if they are not being spoiled by registers trying to renew and spoil a good history by updating it.


From left Osiel (Hilarion), Maiko Nishino og Ryoichi Hirano as Giselle and Albrecht in Giselle. Foto Henning Høholt. som Myrtha. Erik Berg

From left Osiel (Hilarion), Maiko Nishino og Ryoichi Hirano as Giselle and Albrecht in Giselle. Foto Henning Høholt
. som Myrtha. Erik Berg


Koreografi Jean Coralli og Jules Perrot, iscenesatt av Cynthia Harvey
Musikk Adolphe Adam
Scenograf/ Kostymer David Walker
Lysdesign James F. Ingalls
Iscenesetter Cynthia Harvey
Innstudering Hedda Staver Cooke, Birgit Deharde, Christopher Kettner, Aarne Kristian Ruutu Richard Suttie
Prøveledere Petrusjka Broholm, Hedda S. Cooke, Birgit Deharde,
Cynthia Harvey, Christopher Kettner, Ellen Kjellberg,
Aarne Kristian Ruutu, Richard Suttie
Musikalsk ledelse Per Kristian Skalstad

Participants first act:

Albrecht Ryoichi Hirano
Wilfrid Mark Wax
Berthe Hedda Staver Cooke
Hilarion Osiel Gouneo
Giselle Maiko Nishino
Bathilde Stine Østvold
Hertugen Kári Bjørnsson
Bonde pas de deux Miharu Maki, Riccardo Ambrogi


Giselles venninner Anette Antal, Nora Augustinius, Thea Gudim Breder,Marchela Marinova, Sofia Skjønneberg, Anais Touret
Kvinner og menn fra landsbyen Idun Sofie Bækken, Vivian Koohnavard, Celine Kraal, Georgie Rose, Embla Skogedal, Sonia VinogradBart Engelen, Helge Freiberg, Sebastian Goffin,Per Andreas Hovdal, Marco Pagetti, Roberth Refling

In second act participated:

 Hilarion, Albrecht, Wilfrid, Giselle and

Myrta Samantha Lynch
Zulu Emma Lloyd
Moyna Lindsay Heggdal
3 menn Bart Engelen, Sebastian Goffin, Roberth Refling
Willier Anette Antal, Nora Augustinius, Thea Gudim Breder,Idun Sofie Bækken, Cina Espejord, Viviane Koohnavard, Celine Kraal,  Astrid Lyngstad, Marchela Marinova,Elise Nøkling- Eide, Christiane Sá, Caroline Roca,Georgie Rose, Embla Skogedal, Sofia Skjønneberg,Anais Touret



Produsent Anette Edmunds
Inspisient Lars Kolstad
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