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Dansk Danseteater at New Baltic Dance Festival

Dansk Danse Teater tar imot applaus i Vilnius
. Foto: Henning Høholt

Danish Dance Theatre at New Baltic Dance Festival in Vilnius.

Review and Applause photo by Henning Høholt.

VILNIUS: Jazz Dance at its very best. Choreographed by Tim Rushton, Dansk Danseteater performed a ballet “LOVE SONGS” to music in the jazz moode, excellent played on tape by Caroline Henderson and band, swinging elegant, with a line of outstanding dancers, extraordinary soloists and corps des ballet.

However, to me, it was an easygoing production, the audience liked it, but i didn´t find any other idea, than mowing to the music, well, that is also an idea, but it was not giving me anything else than that I enjoyed the good music and that some good dancers was moving to the music. I din´t findd any history, and honestly it was very much repeating of the same ideas and movements. Running fast in to the scene, and meeting eachother in the middle, and then doing something, and running out again. And in the groups, 14 dancers, nicely arranged on the stage from the left, 3, 2, 4, 2, 3. Mowing, doing the same movements in each their style, which is also Ok, but notthing extraordinary
. Costumes (dayly clothes) by Charlotte Østergaard

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. Set design (14 chairs): Johan Kølkjær. Light design: Thomas Bek, Jacob Bjerregaard. 

Dansk Danse Teater tar imot applaus i Vilnius. Foto: Henning Høholt

In the middle there was a costume change on stage, as the dancers was getting sweet. Unfortunately there was not any help from the costumes before or after the change to give it anything extra.

In the programme it is described as an intimate portrait of love in a jazzy univers. That is correct. The audience is invited to a successful mix, which is neither a dance performance, nor a jazz concert.

The music is a medley of cherished jazz classics, originally sung by Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday and Sarah Lois Vaughan, no reinterpreted by one of Denmark´s jazz artist, Caroline Henderson. She sings very good, and is giving the whole performance a musically lift, which clearly inspires the dancers. The version performed here in Vilnius, was a touring version, unfortunately with recorded music. 

New Baltic Dance is celebrating its 17 years with this, a fully program. It reminds me of the words:  “Quality is more importent than Quantity”. In New Baltic Dance 13, I noticed a lot of Quantity, but less of Quality. Perhaps the management should work more with the Quality, and demand something extraordinary from their guests and other participating companyes.

In fact, so far, the best I have seen this year, was the Junior Ballet from the Dance Conservatory in Paris and Waiting for Godot by Martynas Rimeikis! 

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