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FLAMENCO at Champs Elysees

Flamenco lovers should visit Sara Baras Ballet Flamenco at Theatre des Champs Elysees.

Last day 11th

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. January 2015.

Sara Baras in one of her virtuose solos at Theatre des Champs Elysees. Foto: Vincent Pontet,.

Please enjoy the photos by  Vincent Pontet,. Theatre des Champs Elysees.

Voces, suite flamenca

Création 2014

Sara Baras direction artistique et chorégraphie

José Luis Alegre, Sara Baras lumières

Sara Baras danseuse
José Serrano danseur invité

Sara Baras Grupo Flamenco
Keko Baldomero directeur musical
Keko Baldomero, Andrés Martínez guitares
Antonio Suarez Salazar, Manuel Muñoz percussions
Saúl Quirós, Emilio Florido, Miguel Rosendo chanteurs

Cristina Aldón, Carmen Camacho, Maria Del Rosario Pedraja, MariaJesus Garcia Oviedo, Tamara Macías, Raul Fernandez, David Martín, Alejandro Rodriguez, Daniel Saltares

Obviously, Sara Baras flamenco was born and is now one of its most beautiful stars
. Trained by hers mother, she has in it a flame and passion that make for almost twenty years a worthy successor of the great historical figures of flamenco.

Sara Baras in front of her Flamenco group. Photo: Vincent Pontet,

The interpreter, Sara Baras, which is also a choreographer and company director, concentrates all the virtuosity: the elegance of arm work, of a queen and a zapateado that ignite literally scenes and rooms. Without relying on a duality femininity / animality that makes all hers strength and talent. At each appearance, it impresses with its stage presence and dramatic intensity. Hers dance is like her: sip of emotions. For this series of performances in Paris during the Christmas holiday season, we end up with her on a new choreographic and musical adventure that should once again ignite the Parisian winter and Theat

Sara Baras in front of her Flamenco musicians and singers. Photo: Vincent Pontet,

re des Champs Elysees at Avenue Montaigne.

Jose Serrano and Sara Baras. Photo: Vincent Pontet,

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