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New Baltic Dance Festival – bravour opening 2013

Kévin COQUELARD, outstanding dancing soloist in the “Grammar of Silence”  choreographed by Itzik Galili. With the Junior Ballet du Conservatoire de Paris. Photo: D. Matvejevas.

The 17th New Baltic Dance Festival opened with bravour

in Vilnius, Lithuania Tuesday  7th may.

Review by Henning Høholt

VILNIUS: The fascinating opening performance was in the best hands by the youngest (?) of the participating dancers in the festival: The contemporary Junior Ballet from the Conservatoire in Paris, France.

They presented three works, opening with  Precious Things, choreography Edmond Russo and Shlomi Tuizer. This piece, should for me,  preferable have been the finishing work, as it showed all the young companys 11 talented dancers.

This was followed by the highlight of the program the Grammar of Silence, choreography by Itzik Galili,In this six of the young dancers faschinated the audience, headed by several soloparts by the young soloists, showing their personalityes. A deliciouse choize of music, that underlined the dance, and the dancers musicality

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From “Precious Things” choreography by Edmond Russo and Shlomi Tuizer. Photo D. Matvejevas

It all ended with extracts of choreographer Hofesh Shechters Uprising for seven dancers
. showing inspiring new choreographic ideas.

For all the audience it is so good to see so young dancers, still in a studying position, how far they have come in their work, and also, as often, to see how some talents allready has come further than others in their developement.

Then a lot of the festival guests was running to the next of the opening performances in the Arts Printing House 10 minutes away, only a good excersise to clear the mind.

Eligijus Butkus and Andrius Zuzzalkinas ”Waiting for Godot”, choreography Martynas Rimeikis. Photo D. Matvejevas.

Where the first ballet piece was Martynas Rimeikis choreography Waiting for Godot, which was familiar to us, as it was presented for the first time in a galla with the Lithuanian National Ballet in the Operahouse last year, and it was very nice to enjoy once again

Waiting for Godot, choreographed by Martynas Rimeikis, to music by Giedrius Puskunigis, gave us a very contrasting history to the other histories presented in the programmes this evening.

Presenting two young men, leading soloists in the Lithuanian National Ballet, Eligijus Butkus and Andrius Zuzzalkinas ”Waiting for Godot”, in a kind of a sad slapstick moving, wellformed choreography, they entertained all of us.

The Israelian choreographer Roy Assaffollowed with two pieces, the first a duet (pas de deux) for a handsome young couple the opening part danced to the first movement of Beethoven Moonlight sonata for piano, followed by a moderne tune and ending up with Haendel. The two dancers presented us a history about life and feelings in many ways between two persons, showing a wonderful musicality and cooperation.

From The Hill, choreography Roy Assaf. Photo: D. Matvejevas.

Beautiful musicality in the personalized choreography by Roy Assaf. Photo: D
. Matvejevas.

This was followe by The Hill by the same choreographer, with three men presenting their history from The famouse Hill in Israel, well known for its six days fight. Unfortunately a lot of the same movements were repeated, and it became in the end like it was the same and the same, still that the dancers did an excellent job.

But, totally, a very good and inspiring opening evening.

Wednesday: The festival program presented Contemporary students from the Ciurlionis – Lithuanian Academy of Music and Drama their last years students in Romeo and Juliet choreography by Peter Uray(Hungary), – a part of the students final examination.

New Baltic Dance 13, Poster presenting dancers from zero visibility´s performance AGAIN. Choreography Ina Christel Johannessen

Later the same evening Fine 5 Dance Theatre (Estonia) presented Mandala choreographed by Tiina Ollesk and Rene Nömmik.

Thursday: Guesting zero visibility corp. (Norway) presenting AGAIN (80’) Choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen. Kulturkompasset will follow up with a review from Again.




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